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Donna Larsen

Donna Larsen


This Billboard Award Winning Songwriter reaches into the heart and soul of each listener with her thought provoking lyrics and one of a kind musical style. Flowing in and between her own blending genres, she writes directly from her creative heart to express a new and different world view.

Messengers is graced with exceptional musicallity, from lead guitarist Randy Hodge, drummer Paul McGee, and bass player John Rodriguez. As a sometimes magical unit of spirits, Messengers delivers the message with superb technique and performance. Each member of Messengers is engaged through their heart and creative minds with the music and it shows!

              John, Paul, Donna and Randy


Messengers Band Members

Donna Larsen – Vocals, Rythm Guitar, Percussion

Randy Hodge  – Lead Guitar, Vocals

John Rodriguez – Bass, Vocals

Paul McGee – Drums, Vocals



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