…stepped into a tree well, my leg bent side to side…

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May 2

Hydrangeas from Stan. How lovely. Thank you. Visits from Rev Millie Landis, Saer, Julio, Stan and Celeste. Lindy is here too. Thank you for visiting!!

Thanks for your well wishes. I need help. It’s terrible here. People cry out all night long. I’m part of the forgotten I’ll now. I need supplies – drinking water, hand wipes, puppy/baby pads. It takes up to an hour for responds to my calls for help. This place has a ” Google reputation” but I don’t see how. Please someone help me.

May 1

Missed you and everyone!! Transferred to rehab. Omg.

April 26

It sucks! I have a compound fracture and need surgery. Im at the hospital now. I was really looking forward to this. If you are acoustic pop rock please contact the Sugar Ponies. They are great peeps!! I was so honored and happy to be opening for The Sugar Ponies at Le Stat’s on Thursday!!!

April 25, 2016

You are not gonna believe this. I have been healing up from the skiing accident a year ago. Feeling stronger all the time, but still having to watch my step. Well tonight I was in line with Randy at the GigTown Switchfoot concert when they wanted everyone to move the line. Following the crowd around I stepped into a tree well, my leg bent side to side, I screamed as I fell into a group of people who thank God softened the fall. People – especially Levi Dean and others, mostly musicians – were so helpful. I even saw Ian McCartor and he should be passing out flyers now for Saturday’s show! My knee – yes the one still recovering – is more swollen than it was during the skiing accident. Pretty sure the ligaments are shredded again. What luck. Looks like I’ll be back to sitting during my concerts. So so frustrated. John ( J-Rod) is taking me to the Ortho surgeon tomorrow. I hope to be able to use my old crutches to do my show at Le Stat’s on Thursday when I open for this great band from San Francisco called The Sugar Ponies. You know what they say … The show must go on!

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