In My Own Backyard

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  -   Adams Avenue Street Fair

1. As Mommie Sings
Donna Larsen  


2. In The Garden
Donna Larsen  

This delightful album is includes a beautifully illustrated children’s song book that offers heart warming and imaginative songs about all that is real and fantasy in a child’s backyard. Swing from your favorite swing, watch a butterfly fly by, find little faeries that hide in the grass, take off with your friend Charlie the Dragon or join the circus!

Donna’s wish is that this songbook and CD become favorites to be shared, sung together, and loved forever. As you listen to this music and drink in this beautiful imagery, the hope is that you will experience feelings of wonder and joy. So let her take you with her to see what can be found in this richly illustrated Children’s Song Book, In My Own Backyard!



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